the scobleizms are getting a little headier

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15 May 2008

I’m relatively new to Twitter, but one of the early people I started ‘following’ was Robert Scoble.  I’ve read his blog for a little while now.  Even though I have never been a personal fan of his writing or interviewing style, he often covers interesting subject matter so I’ve managed to look past the off-putting sizzle to the steak.

The more I plug myself into various social media streams, however, the more I’m seeing and hearing commentary from Scoble of an off-the-cuff and candid nature.  A couple of his tweets today really crystallized for me that he’s starting to lose sight of just how far out in front of the adoption curve he is.  It reminds me a bit of senior politicans who live in their little bubble of constructed realism and never have a solid grasp of what the world is like for the masses.

The two Scobleizms that got me thinking today were:

the masses are asses. Heck, people are still asking me "what is a blog?"


 If every journalist at CNET did what I did yesterday: visit three companies and video two of them, there would be no @techcrunch

These types of arrogant comments, coupled with his recent Seagate sellout, really start to devalue the Scoble ‘stock’ in my mind.  Reports from the bleeding edge aren’t as interesting for me to read when they’re not grounded in reality.  I can’t really relate.

What are some of your favorite Scobleizms?



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Robert Scoble

January 13th, 2009 at 10:19 am

You are absolutely right but I am writing for an audience that wants to be ahead. I don’t write for the Amish.

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